Sattler 1.2m

Technical Specifications

Base: PAC DIN 60 001
Total weight (g/m2): 290 DIN EN ISO 12127
Tensile strength (daN/5 cm): 145 / 100 DIN EN ISO 13934-1
Max. tensile strength elongation (%): 30 / 22 DIN EN ISO 13934-1
Tear resistance (daN): 3.5 / 3.0 DIN EN ISO 13937-2
Water column: 315 mm EN 20 811
Water repellency (spray test): Note: 100 EN 24 920
Oil repellency: Note: 5 AATC 118
Colour fastness: min. 7 DIN EN ISO 105-B02
Width: 120 cm
  • Features
  • True beauty comes from within
  • Long lasting pleasure guaranteed
  • UV treated certainty
  • Quality in every fibre
  • Colour inspire your life
  • Saving energy naturally

Whether you are in the city, the countryside, or somewhere in between, our Sattler fabrics have the right design for you. Our extensive color study knowledge allows us to understand your needs and know what might be suitable for you. The modern textures of our Urban Design line is made up of trendy stripes in different colors and the fine structured solid fabrics complete your awning assortment, turning it into a unique decorating element. ELEMENTS Urban Design go for an urban walk through this fabric collection. Be it buildings, sky, green areas or lights in cities we are visually captured by a variety of colors and structures. We have incorporated these into our designs specifically for you. Our premium awning fabrics are made from 100 % solution-dyed acrylic. This guarantees top-level functionality, outstanding UV protection and an amazing textile feel. Colors resist fading, and fabrics will not break down even after years of exposure to the sun.


814 Beach
154 Black
763 Burgundy
398 Charcoal
347 Crimson
546 Denim
403 Cappuccino
016 Chocolate
020 Linen
925 Flint
362 Heritage Green
402 Meteor
414 Ocean
638 Pepper
851 Smooth Cream
325 Parchment
941 Pewter
931 Seagrass
819 Stone
923 Seagull
001 Red
010 White
006 Regal Blue
930 Wheat
624 Wilderness
917 Toffee
919 Toast
003 Yellow
028 Kembla
364 Stanwell
051 Stradbroke
083 Hammersley
085 Bourke


** Values for the metallic side exposed
to the exterior.