Do you offer a delivery service?

We deliver within the Sydney metro area for $55 inc GST. This charge is calculated per drop, meaning we can deliver multiple orders at once with one delivery fee, depending on production.

Can I pick up my order?

Customers are welcome to pick up from our factory weekdays from 7am-5pm. Our factory is located at Unit 37/17-21 Henderson Street Turrella NSW 2205. Our customer service team will notify you via phone or email when ready for pick up.

What is the turnaround time on orders?

We aim for a 5 business day turnaround. Please notify our customer service team of any urgent orders and we will work to meet your needs.

Do you use horizontal or vertical joins for mesh fabrics?

Horizontal joins are our standard method of production with mesh fabrics. For conservatory awnings or folding arms we recommend vertical joins, due to tension on the fabric.

What is the largest fabric WAS can make?

We can make any size providing the system is able to stabilise the fabric. Please email our customer service team at sales@wasau.com.au for a quote.

What is the largest fabric I can order through the website?

The website can automatically generate: - Acrylic orders up to 10450mm wide x 6300mm drop. - Canvas orders up to 6990mm wide x 6300mm drop. - Mesh orders up to 6450mm wide x 6200mm drop. For fabrics larger than these sizes, please email sales@wasau.com.au for a quote.

Should I order Soltis 1.77m wide or 2.67m wide?

The only difference between Soltis 1.77m wide and 2.67m wide is the width of the roll it comes on. Choosing between the two depends on the size of your system. Please compare both prices prior to ordering.

Do you stitch or weld?

For mesh fabrics, we weld joins and most pockets. Welding provides a neater appearance and fabric joins are almost undetectable. Welding also allows optimal seam strength due to full surface bonding. We also weld joins for acrylic fabrics, however stitch the pockets using Tenara nylon thread.