Tempotest 1.2m

Technical Specifications

Composition: 100% acrylic fibre solution dyed
Construction: Warp 31 ends/cm count Ne 20/2 UNI 8099/80
Weft 14 picks/cm count Ne 20/2 UNI 8099/80
Width: 120cm UNI EN 1773/98
Weight: 300g/m2 UNI EN 5114/82
Thickness: 0.56mm
Water column: ≥ 350mm UNI EN 20811
Impermeability: Spray Test 5 (100) UNI EN 24920
Oil repellent: 5 Degree AATCC118
Colour fastness to light and to weathering
7/8-8 degree blue scale UNI EN ISO 105 B02
4/5 degree greyscale. After 1000 hours of exposure UNI EN ISO 105 B04
Warp: 1600 N UNI EN ISO 13934-1
Elongation: 28.5% UNI EN ISO 13934-1
Weft: 860 N UNI EN ISO 13934-1
Elongation: 29.0% UNI EN ISO 13934-1
  • Features
  • Solar heat protection
  • Solar light protection
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Creates a fresh and bright shade
  • Creates a warm and cosy tone shade
  • Creates a neutral and attenuated tone shade

All Tempotest fabrics are made in Italy and are designed with an elegant and timeless aesthetic, the hallmark of Italian style. Tempotest fabrics are constructed from premium solution dyed acrylic fibre with outstanding technical features that easily withstand the diverse Australasian climate. The Shann Group purposefully selected the specific colours and patterns from the Tempotest range to create the Tempotest Premium Collection. This collection reflects Australasian character and blends effortlessly into the environment. The high technical quality and innovative Teflon® Extreme finish of Tempotest ensures continued performance in residential and commercial sun protection and exterior decoration applications. Italian made premium quality.


TT107 Granite
TT14 Harvest
TT15/14 Ecru
TT24 Black
TT407/6 Pine Tweed
TT407/79 Platinum Tweed
TT407/926 Hampton Tweed
TT4215/15 Parchment
TT727/15 Grey Linen
TT782/14 Toast
TT79 Sterling Grey
TT84 Terracotta
TT873/2 Mocha
TT926 Taupe
TT929 Desert
TT986/727 Flannel Grey


** Values for the metallic side exposed
to the exterior.