Vistaweave Stripe 2.7m

Technical Specifications

Base Cloth PVC coated polyester
Weight 530 gsm -
Width Stripes 270cm | Plains 270 320cm -
Warranty 5 year limited -
Flame Retardant Tested to AS1530.3​ -
Care and Cleaning Vistaweave is easy to maintain. Remove dirt, dust, leaf litter and bird droppings with a soft bristle brush on both sides of fabric and/or light sponging with warm water. For stubborn stains use a mild household detergent. Keep petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene and other similar Ûuids away from the fabric.​ -
  • Features
  • Reduces heat transmission
  • Improves air-conditioning effiiciencies
  • High UVR protection
  • Eliminates glare in direct sunlight
  • Allows moderate flow of fresh air
  • Mildew and salt water resistant
  • Supported with a five year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly

Vistaweave is a unique selection of see-through awning fabrics that keep the sun out while still allowing you to enjoy the view. The unique weave combines a functional solution for solar protection with a stylish textured appearance. It is the original Awning mesh fabric, tried and tested and delivering stylish shade for over 30 years in Australia. It is Greenguard certified to contribute to the health of the environment. When you choose Vistaweave for your project you are getting a fabric that is hard wearing, UV stable and is a high tensile PVC with exceptional strength and durability which make these fabrics ideal for fixed and roll up awnings, outdoor furniture, umbrellas and small shade sails. Filtering out the suns harmful UV and glare Vistaweave keeps you cool. Its open weave construction means that heat is not trapped under the awnings and allows air to flow freely in and around the awning. Vistaweave Plus and Stripes have a 5 year limited warranty against UV degradation and is easy to clean with a simple hose down. Vistaweave contains fire retardant additives, is salt air proof, will not rot and resists mildew. Vistweave Plus have the largest colour selection with 35 solid colours and 11 of these are Colorbond inspired. We have a colour to match for every project.


** Values for the metallic side exposed
to the exterior.