Barrington Canvas 2.2m

Technical Specifications

Fabric Composition Poly/cotton canvas
Coating N/A -
Width 220cm -
Weight 540 gsm -
Made in Australia -
Care and cleaning Clean with water or a mild soapy solution. Use a soft brush to avoid harsh scrubbing. Rinse with clean water. Under no circumstances should the cover be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners, chemical substances or in a washing machine. The cover should never be rolled up and put away when wet. -
Water Resistance Shower Rating 100% -
Warranty 7 years manufacturers warranty. -
UV Protection Reduce solar heat gain by 95% -
Benefits Australian Made
Reduce Solar heat Gain by over 95%
APEO and Solvent
  • Features
  • Provide indoor climate control
  • Low maintenance, durable, and easy to clean
  • Maximum colourfastness resistant to fading
  • Mould, mildew, and stain resistant
  • 100% Australian made Poly/Cotton Canvas
  • Environmentally friendly APEO and Solvent Free

With a selection of 16 stylish colour options, all with the same colour on both the front and reverse sides, Barrington Colours with give a stylish, more contemporary look to any awning or outdoor blind application.


220 Surfmist
210 Alabaster
213 Sandcastle
205 Canyon
216 Bungalow
200 Hazelnut
206 Coffee
202 Merlot
207 Alpine
208 Federation
212 Admiral
214 Bluestone
215 Sterling
209 Minnow
204 Monument
201 Midnight
219 Jasper
218 Basalt
217 Woodland Grey


** Values for the metallic side exposed
to the exterior.