Ferrari 502 1.8m

Technical Specifications

weigh: 570 g/m2 EN ISO 2286-2
width: 180 cm
standard format length: 40 lm
tensile strength (warp/weft): 200/200 daN/ 5 cm EN ISO 1421
tear strength (warp/weft): 20/20 daN DIN 53.363
flame retardancy: B-s2, d0/EN 13501-1 M2/NFP 92-507B1/DIN 4102-1 • BS 7837 • 1530.2 et 3/AS/NZS • M2/UNE 23.727-90 • VKF 5.3/SN 198898 • Schwerbrennbar Q1-Tr1/ONORM A 3800 • Group 1 / AS NZS 3837 • CLASS 2/UNI 9177-87 • METHOD 1 & 2/NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • CLASS A/ASTM E84 •G1/GOST 30244-94 • CAN/ULC-S109 • CPAI 84
warranty: 10 years -
  • Features
  • A unique satin finish to give a modern and high end look to your projects
  • A palette of 40 colors to give personality to the most varied designs
  • Flexibility and strength providing total freedom of shape and and size.

Ferrari Précontraint® 502 V2 is the iconic standard for high UV, dimensionally stable PVC fabric performance. Unique Satin finish with easy care maintenance, 502 V2 is the ideal choice for retractable roofing, light weight shade structures, canopies and pergolas.


8102C White
2171C Boulder
2167C Concrete
8450C Black
2152C Velvet Red
2138C Autumn
2168C Aluminium
8341C Champagne
8341C Champagne
8341C Champagne
8861C Vanilla
5026C Hemp
2135C Sandy Beige
2012C Pepper
2141C Camel
2148C Cocoa
5066C Teak
2137C Walnut Stain
5067C Lemon
2166C Buttercup
5067C Dijon
8204C Orange
2172C Carrot
2150C Raspberry
8255C Poppy
2018C Terracotta
8284C Burgundy
2157C Aniseed
50668C Olive
2158C Moss Green
50670C Porcelain Green
8056C Tennis Green
2156C Spruce
50675C Celadon
50676C Steel Blue
2160C Lagoon
50673C Dark Blue
50270C Thistle Blue
50672C Celestial Blue
50677C Victoria Blue
2161C Midnight Blue
1125C Marine

** Values for the metallic side exposed
to the exterior.